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Welcome to the Dispatch!!

Welcome!! This is the first iteration of The Dispatch, a way for us here at The Robilee, Staffred & Emile Group to reach out to our clients in ways both big and small by sharing information and updates to items of regional importance to you. Because our firm focuses on a very particularized area of practice, our hope is to share items with you that pertain to our practice. By keeping you informed and aware, we hope to improve the scope of our engagement and to provide some information that can add to our public discourse.

Our goal is to add to The Dispatch on a weekly basis, posting articles or "interesting tidbits" of information for your consumption.

And of course...if you see something of interest that you think we should us and let us know.

Happy reading!

Until next time...

The RSE Group!

Artifacts from Moab, Utah.


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