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Areas of Practice & Consulting Emphasis

Our team consults and provides strategic expertise and advice in the following six categories. Within each category are a number of subjects that we focus on within our practice. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive knowledge in each of these areas, and believe that our attention to detail and broad understanding of these issues will provide you with the individualized, customized expertise that you desire. If your particular issue is not articulated more fully below, please feel free to contact us to see if your concerns can be addressed by our team as a special project. 
Regulatory Compliance


Today's complex regulatory regime means that many businesses, both big and small, are subject to regulations that have a very direct impact on their day-to-day operations. 


From healthcare to energy, utilities to beverage licensing and regulation, a solid regulatory plan and a thorough understanding of applicable policies and statutes can keep your business running smoothly and prevent you from being investigated or audited by a regulatory agency. 


And what about the more recent rules and regulations in Colorado regarding legalized marijuana? Or rules on the beer and wine industry across state lines? We can help you navigate this relatively new and ever changing aspect of the law ( can stay informed with our frequent blog posts on these very topics!! Just click on the link located on our home page).


Let us help you obtain or maintain compliance by assisting your regulated business. From sharing information on current regulatory regimes, to conducting due diligence on upcoming regulatory modifications, we can help you stay on track. 



brownfield redevelopment

A large number of commercial and industrial sites across the country are in prime urban areas that are fabulous candidates for development in an attempt to revitalize economically and service-suppressed locations. However, these abandoned or underutilized sites need extensive environmental remediation to safely afford them their 'next act' within communities that would love to see these places refreshed. 

From a regulatory and practical standpoint, brownfield projects can be some of the most complex and liability-prone activities in all of real property law and practice. Knowing how to obtain information that you need to make an informed decision about your property, determining what can be done on the land, what activities are prohibited, financial bonds and other monetary obligations to municipalities and federal agencies--all of these considerations need to be carefully deliberated at a high level before you ever place pen to paper contractually.

State and federal laws attach equally to brownfield redevelopments. Let our team help you navigate these challenges so you can set yourself--and your project--up for success.

Land Use


The current land use environment across the United States has become increasingly complex, meaning that project success is inherently tied into knowing the intimate details that are contained in each statutory rule and regulation, in each jurisdiction. This means that your unique project cannot afford a standard, boilerplate approach. 

Let our experienced team help you through all stages of your land use project. From initial rule and regulation review to assistance with municipal filings, we are here for you.


We also have over five years of conservation easement experience. From drafting of easements to valuation to site monitoring and education, we are here to help you.


We also provide a wide range of real estate and real property consulting services for your residential or commercial needs. Looking at purchasing real estate? Interested in moving your small business into a new commercial facility? Curious as to what the current zoning scheme is for your area? Let us help you make an informed and well researched real property decision. 

Natural Resources

Our team has over twenty years of experience working within both conventional and alternative energy soruces. From renewable energy (wind, solar, geothermal) to alternative energy sources, to mining and oil and gas (upstream, downstream, and midstream), our consultants can assist you in gaining the knowledge that you need to finance projects, search title, review land and easement descriptions, and engage in an assortment of high-level due diligence necessary to make your natural resource project succeed.


We can also assist you with research or project planning for LEED Certified endeavours. Are you seeking to obtain this certification for your home? Your business? How about your neighborhood development plan? We can help you get there by applying our expertise to your project, setting the stage for a more environmentally sound and energy efficient project.  

Beverage law (beer, wine, and spirits)

Are you a Merlot fan or do you appreciate a lighter, crisper Riesling? Does an IPA pair with your highlight meal of the week, or do you prefer the peaty smell of a small-batch bourbon to cap off a great meal? Whatever your beverage of choice, a myriad of federal and state regulations are at play well before you take your first sip of your favorite beverage.

This becomes an even greater consideration if you brew, distill, or distribute these products. Laws vary from state to state, and the regulations at the federal level create an additional veil of confusion for the small-scale enterprise that wants to place their product into the marketplace.


Beverage law is a constantly evolving field, with ever-changing rules and regulations that impact the largest multi-national corporation to the local brew pub or distillery that simply wants to make what they love and distribute it to those who love it. Let our team help you navigate this nuanced (but fun!) area of the legal landscape. 



Trademark & copyright

The entrepreneurial spirit within our communities is alive and well, as evidenced by the large number of small businesses that are developed and opened in brick-and-mortar storefronts and online marketplaces all across the country!

With this robust proliferation of thoughts and ideas that are driving new businesses, some newly formed operations are oftentimes neglecting one of the most important elements of their enterprise--their intellectual property. 

Intellectual property encompass some of the greatest untapped and unrealized value for your business. Let us help you evaluate your options by reviewing your intellectual property portfolio and protecting what's yours. 

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