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Wine Tastings In The Age of COVID-19

Oenophiles and wine aficionados know no bounds! While some industries continue to struggle during this public health crisis, liquor stores and wine shops are seeing relatively robust business even in the midst of mandated curfews and closures of brick and mortar stores. While all of us are practicing social distancing as a way of flattening the Corona Virus curve, our friends and colleagues in the wine industry are making the best of an uncommon situation. How do you reach your audience during a time when most tasting rooms and wineries are not open to the public? You take your product to the people. Enter virtual wine tastings.

The Mercury News published a fascinating article on how wineries in California are turning lemons into lemonade (or grapes into paying customers!) by hosting virtual wine takings. This is an incredibly insightful and creative solution to what could be a business-crushing problem. It reaches customers, enhances brand loyalty, and even introduces a new group of consumers to a product that they may not otherwise know about.

Would you consider a virtual wine tasting experience? Your team at the RS&E Group are considering doing exactly that. If we're able to participate, we'll draft a follow up post and share our thoughts with you.

Whatever you're doing, we hope you're staying safe and finding delights in the simple pleasures of being at home--wherever home may be!


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