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Springtime has arrived!

Welcome to Springtime in the Rockies!! With the welcome addition of added sunlight to enjoy some after work pursuits (such as a friend's love of tractor pulls--see the lovely image of one of their vintage tractors accompanying this blog entry), the change in season means that we are all poised to get out and about to savor the beauty and scenery that makes Colorado such a marvelous place to live.

Are you new to our area, or a seasoned Colorado native that just hasn't had a lot of luck finding awe-inspiring things to do here? Take a look at the following link, a compilation by the official State of Colorado's Tourism Office of unique things to do in and around the Centennial State.

Hopefully some of these offerings will inspire you to seek out new adventures...perhaps even attending a tractor pull or two!!

Springtime means getting the tractors ready for upcoming tractor pulls!!

And don't worry, those of you in New Mexico and North Dakota...we'll include a list of must-list activities for these states in subsequent blogs.

Happy reading everyone!

Until next time, your friends at The RS & E Group!

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