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Our Team: Working Together With You To Achieve Your Goals.

The Robilee, Staffred & Emile Group was founded on the premise of fostering development. We strive to do that by working collaboratively--and creatively--with our clients and our community to solve problems, achieve goals, and improve practices and policies. We believe in smart, well researched advocacy. We believe in being honest in our dealings with everyone--at all times. And, we also believe in treating our clients as partners...we are all in this together.
Our firm also believes that to be successful, we should not only engage you, the client, but we should also work with the sytems, agencies, and policy-makers that may have a direct impact on your project or business. Sometimes, the best result is gained when all stakeholders are consulted and included, communicating at all stages to ensure the best outcome for you while being fully invested in client advocacy. Dispute resolution is always an aim for our group...and we can do this while ensuring the best possible result for our clients. 
By doing our homework and conducting solid due diligence on your project, our aim is to not only make your project a success, but to improve the working relationship with all parties. Building communities and improving outcomes for the long term...using our expertise to foster your develoment.  

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